Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, Founder and CEO of Next Stage Solutions, Inc. is the author of

Stop Compromising, a book about agility and dynamic business purpose; it focuses on strategic and operationally driven finance.  It’s a leadership guide to keep businesses above water amidst market uncertainties.

Each chapter provides CEOs with clear hands-on tools, client stories and how-to’s through seven modular building blocks, starting with a cross-functional Benchmark Assessment.

The book gives CEOs a fiscal navigator to embrace operational finance more positively and experience sustainable growth with a continuous improvement and value creation approach.


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  • Complete a cross-functional Benchmark Assessment in Chapter 3!

Chapter 6:     Strengthen Your Bottom Line
Chapter 7:     Get Smarter on Risk

Chapter 8:     Don't Fail to Scale
Chapter 9:     Execution! Execution! Execution!

Part Three:   Opportunities, Growth and Exit Planning
Chapter 10:    The Fork in the Road
Chapter 11:    Monetize and Build Value

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Rudi welcoming XPXNE Summit Attendees in March 2019

Part One:   A New Direction in Finance and Accounting
Chapter 1:  What You Don't Know Will Hurt You 
Chapter 2:  Stop Compromising!

Part Two:   Seven Operationally-Driven Value Creation Modules
Chapter 3:   Work Horizontally
Chapter 4:   Your 'Outside-the-Box' A-Team
Chapter 5:   Measure so You Can Manage